Office scenario

This scenario provides a possible system configuration that is suitable for a company with several employees and possibly with several sections or branches. You can divide the system in several partitions, each one can be accessed only by selected users.

Full access

You can setup the owner to have full control of the account. He can have access to multiple panels and assign or revoke access to the system to any other user.

Office director
Manager of the office

The office director will have full access of the office he is in charge, and he will be able to check the time people access the office, arm/disarm the system, control automation devices and receive alert notifications.

Office employees
Enter and leave company during working time

You can set a keypad code for each employee or provide an exclusive remote controller for each employee to access the office even without access to the smartphone app. For selected employees can provide access to automation functions during working hours. 

Security guard
Keep control over office safety

You can setup the system so that your guard can have access to all the cameras and security accessory as: door/window detectors, smoke/water sensor and the IP cameras. The owner can still separate regular areas cameras from owner private cameras which won't be accessible by the guard.

Cleaning service
Need temporary access to the office

You can create a temporary keypad password for example for the cleaning service. That password will provide access to the office at selected day and time. It is also possible to provide access to most of the office, while keeping some areas under alarm conditions.


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