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VIAS is a totally new system for security and automation. It includes everything you need for your house or business: Video monitoring, Automation, Alarm system and Management software. The main difference with the other systems is scalability: You can extend the system by adding more devices, more partitions, more users, more control panels.


The VIAS IPBOX has got a built-in video system, you can add any VIAS IP camera or ONVIF camera, then you will get:

-Live video
-24/7 Video recording
-Video playback
-Push video (triggered by VIAS alarm sensors)


When you add automation accessories to your VIAS IPBOX, you can enable automation features as:

-Lights control
-Electronic appliances control
-Automatic scenes
-Scheduled activation

Alarm System

VIAS is an alarm system to secure your place. It is composed by various wireless accessories that are easy to install, and provide a high degree of protection certified by EN50131 standard.


System extension

Add as many partitions and zones as you need. Partitions are useful to divide the accessories and assign to specific users.

Mobile Friendly

Sharing access to your system is easy, just create an account and send the invitation. You can decide what part of your system will be shared.


The VIAS system was created with high level of security certified by the EN50131 standard.

VIAS Accessories

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