Family scenario

A family can be just as a little company, each component will have a role and needs. You can setup the system so that people will have access to the functions he needs while keeping the house safe.

Door & Windows

With the magnetic contact, you get an alert when somebody opens a door or window.
You can also check the VIAS app if you want to make sure everything is closed.

Video monitoring

Have video confirm of what happens in your house. Choose between
VIAS solution or install your favorite ONVIF IP cameras

Wife & husband
Full access

Wife and husband will have full access to the system, that includes the alarm system, video monitoring and automation. They can get alert notifications and provide access to the system to other users.

Son & daughter
In charge of a section

They will be able to arm/disarm the system and control the automation devices selected by parents, so they may have time restrictions about using some electronics. They cannot do any change to the system so that the alarm system will be always working without problems.

Other people
Customized rights

You can provide permanent or temporary access to the system to relatives or people that need to go to your house for maintenance or cleaning. Or , with the same accessories, you can create two alarm systems (or 3 or as many as you want) with separate access: One with temporary access, one with access forbidden.


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