Hotel scenario

Hotels are the typical place where you can add a smart system. You need security, but of course need comfort as well. It is not convenient to buy a separate smart system for room, that is why VIAS can be helpful: with one control panel you can create different partitions with separate login and separate functions.

Full access

The owner has full access to the system, he can decide how to organize the access rights and create new users. He can create another user with the same rights that can be in charge of the system setup and maintenance. 

In charge of security

Security staff has access to IP cameras and security accessories placed anywhere in the hotel. They don't have access to automation devices placed inside rooms (except water and smoke sensors) but they will receive notification when an alarm is triggered.

Access limited to his own room

Customers will have access to their room automation system for: lights control, TV control and door opening status. Their password will be active only for the time of their stay, and they will have no access to other VIAS devices in the building.


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